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Feel the Quality

Feel the Quality

Bag Queen Bags are very chic and unique, and defiantly Not mainstream. You won't see Bag Queen bags every where, or at every function you attend. Why.... because we only have a limited amount, a handful of bags in each style and colour and when they are gone that is it....... So if you like it Buy It, don't wait......

Everyone wants to feel the quality of leather before making a purchase as there are so many different grades of leather available, Bag Queen understands this and will bring the Bag Queen collection available online to you and your friends.

Host a party or showing at your home or office and the host receives the rewards to spend on handbags from the Bag Queen collection. The host will receive a complimantary Leather Wallet if sales at your party reach $500 and when you reach $1000 in sales you will receive $150 handbag of your choice from the Bag Queen collection and an additional $50 to spend for every party booking made. No waiting for delivery of bags with Bag Queen all bags purchased are available to take home with you on the day.

Please contact us for more information on hosting a Bag Queen party or showing.

EMAIL or call Karen M:  0418 171 254